WOMAN OF GOD CREATING AWARENESS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE We met Emma years ago, when she was running her magazine E2k Magazine out of her Bronx, NYC apartment office. She was moving the print magazine religiously throughout the neighborhood and putting everyone on!, it didn't matter if you was a celebrity, influencer or entrepreneur. if … Continue reading WOMAN OF GOD

HANEEFA HASSAN – Talk It Out Tuesdays!

  HANEEFA HASSAN - Talk It Out Tuesdays! Name: Haneefah Hasan Age: 37 Residency: Lower East Side Entrepreneur: Taste My Blueberry Cheesecake When did you find your passion? I found my passion watching my mother and my grandmother bake from scratch. Especially my grandmother. She mostly did it on Thanksgiving. We always looked forward to … Continue reading HANEEFA HASSAN – Talk It Out Tuesdays!

Ericka Hart The Wondrous Woman

  Gorgeous, gleaming melanin and body confidence aside- it was obvious, this woman is a warrior. By Jae Rodriguez From the moment I viewed her now infamous picture at Afropunk, her smile wide and confident, arms raised unapologetically over her head, her double mastectomy scars quite literally in-your-face - I made the exact same assumption … Continue reading Ericka Hart The Wondrous Woman