Women In Tech Week : Q&A With Marianthe Mesbouris


Chief Editor & Founder, often referred to as “RED”, Marianthe Mesbouris has helped thousands of Canadians equip their home and home offices with technology products from premium technology brands.

Marianthe once used to promote hair care products and wanted to have a greater understanding of technology. She began working with Hewlett Packard in 2001 and first began as a technical trainer. She held a few more titles and won awards for being the top producing sales manager of the quarter. She became the go-to person for trade shows, and in May of 2003, she became a spokesperson for Hewlett Packard Canada where she began working at The Shopping Channel. In 2008, she became the resident electronics expert on The Shopping Channel and began to present other premium electronics products.

We reached out to Marianthe Mesbouris to get the scoop on women in tech.

First off, what led you to work in tech?

I had recently completed post secondary education and was working part time promoting hair care products. I absolutely loved it as each day was different and I was able to interact with people but the job was part-time. My manager told me about a full time role in technology sales that required a woman. His friend was in charge of hiring and needed a dedicated, hard working female. I jumped at the chance because it was a chance to learn new things, earn more income and meet new people.

That one yes changed the course of the next decade of my life for the better.


For those of us who are not familiar with the word stem and coding can you please explain?

Stem stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. All four have been traditionally been subjects that male students are stronger at, but as life evolves, we have seen an increase of females who excel in them.

Coding requires skills in all the above, as programming includes analysis, design, structure and mathematics, on top of coding know-how. Women programmers are high in demand in the current market, as females tend to be more organized and produce cleaner, more efficient code. Aside from being a pro-coder, knowing programming basics enables everyone to create and maintain websites, mobile apps, software programs and more.

Needless to say, knowing how to code helps you better understand technology and how everything works.

Are more GenX women pursuing careers in technology?

From my perspective, GenX women feel empowered to pursue whatever their heart desires. So yes, they are pursuing careers in tech, loving it and thriving. What I admire and appreciate is that these GenX’ers are using Social Media so much more so they can promote the awareness of what they are doing. This helps get people interested and helps develop interest in whatever they are talking about. Good on them!

Did you come across any unexpected challenges? and how did you overcome?

My age often came in question to the point where my peers would call me “kiddo”. Most of the time, it was an endearing term so I let it be. In some cases, it was not so I would have a quick chat with the person. I believe in expressing yourself one-on-one to who you feel may not be treating you properly. Usually after that conversation, things were fine. Please do not brush off negative comments or gestures as nothing. Face them head on and right away. Try to deliver your message with a smile though.

What is the future direction of your career or business?

My future includes more blogging on my website http://www.techwithred.com along with quick 2-minute videos on my YouTube channel “techwithred”. I am going to continue to freelance my skills out to business that need tech support, network support or a brand ambassador.

Because I believe in the power of the Universe, I am of the understanding that life can change from day to day, so I am open to that. Bottom line, it’s best to be open to everything and all opportunities because you will meet great people along the way.

Any tips for women considering transitioning to the tech business?

My suggestion is to find someone you know who is already in the business. If you want to work for a specific company, see if you can use LinkedIn to connect with the hiring manager. Never be afraid to ask for help getting an interview. Just ask because you never know where that will get you. Keep applying to roles in that organization. The HR manager will see your name keep popping up and will want to meet you hopefully.

In addition, give yourself the time to read about tech updates, as this is an ever-changing world. Every 90 days, new products are being released and new tech emerges. You have to be on top of your game.

Visit Marianthe Mesbouris online http://www.techwithred.com

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