HERcultivation With Tai Noelle

When did you first find your passion?

My passion, I’m still finding it.. lol.. Honestly, when my mother decided that she didnt like the taste of her own cooking while doing chemo, me cooking for her was an honor and my way of giving back to her all that she has done for me and unfortunately after her passing, I realized I felt closest to her every time I was in the kitchen. That’s when I realized that yes I love cooking but my the real joy and heart comes in feeding.. There’s an art to feeding people. People need to be fed with love, with care,with honesty, with realness and all that goes into my food. I know for that moment that when someone is in my presence and I have the opportunity to feed them, I made their world just a little better so that they can be better in this crazy world that we live in.

What’s important to you about living your passion?

Living in my passion, being able to see the smiles after a good meal. Knowing that people trust me to nourish their belly and their soul

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What motivates you to start your day?

LIFE. People say you live once, no you die once, you live everyday. Every morning you wake up, you have another opportunity to live, to love , just to be..

Give us one tip, that can change our way of thinking.

BE…. Be Positive, Be True, Be Loyal, Be You

Any pointers for the young entrepreneur startups?

Don’t ever be afraid to shoot your shot. And as my Mother used to say, Your First Impression is a Lasting Impression, so make it great .

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