HERcultivation With Suncera Johnson

When it comes to figuring out who will take your brand to the next level and experience profitable success, theres one person you can defitinely count on and her name is Suncera Johnson, digital architect , journalist, author, and a woman of God. We had the oppurtunity to catch up with Suncera and talk strategy and starting her own promotion agency. She’s the boss and the cultivator of her own new venture amass digital, where she has created a whole new digital marketing world.

Read her story and get motivated!

When did you first find your passion? (Tell us all about your movement)​

In each phase of my life, I stumbled upon my passion. In this phase, I actually hated what I do. I gave up a successful career as a television producer and began working with a company that owned several YouTube Channels. I was told that I would oversee Production and Development for a very well known artist and took a job as a social media manager as a placeholder until the channel launched. Someone else was given my job. I was miserable, underpaid and overworked. I called my friends in TV and they kept telling me that what I did was valuable and they wished they had the skills I was developing. I began to learn Google Adwords for Video while meeting with people who saw more value in what I was doing than I did. I had no idea that I would be able to live life on my terms – traveling whenever I want, living 13 steps away from the beach – while making a bonafide six figure salary using skills I developed while working on a job I hated. I’m on a mission now to help women passionately live their best lives no matter where they find themselves.
What’s important to you about living your passion?

Freedom. For many years, I worked full time and then went home to develop my passion projects, while simultaneously raising a family. Now, my business provides enough income that I can hire people (I use the same three freelancers frequently ) so I no longer need to work 80 hour weeks just to get the bills paid. In addition, I have more time to pursue other passion projects and can still run my business efficiently. I am not restricted by when and where I can vacation (I will have taken 3 international trips by the end of this year!) and I don’t get that feeling in the pit of my stomach because I have to ask permission to spend time with my family simply because I want to.


What motivates you to start your day?

Wealth building. And I don’t just mean money. I want to be rich in relationships, love, finances, spirituality and health. I am determined to find the joy in living and happiness in each day – no matter how bad it gets. I start working by 6 am every morning and reply to all of my client emails by 10 am. I want to be the first person in their email and want them to know they are my priority. That frees me up to read, learn and grow in every area of my life.

Give us one tip, that can change your way of thinking.

Do not see “No” as a bad thing. Look at every no as a door to your Next Opportunity.
Had my previous employer not said No to giving me the title and salary I deserved, I would never have opened my digital advertising agency.
People often say No because they don’t realize your worth. Don’t expect those who over inflate or under value themselves to know your worth.

Understand that your vision is your vision

Any pointers for the young entrepreneur startups?

1) If you are relying heavily on your family and friends to “support” you by purchasing your goods or services, you are doing something wrong and you’d be better off asking them to write you a check to pay your bills.

2) Accept the help that people are willing to offer, not what you expect them to give. You will be disappointed far less.

3) Don’t overvalue yourself and refuse to allow others to undervalue. you When I first started my company, amass digital, I kept pricing my campaigns to make just enough money to pay my bills. I was always struggling and clients would always try to negotiate lower prices. Three years later, my pricing structure has changed significantly which has impacted my income tremendously. My prices are what they are and I am not afraid to say no to prospective clients that cannot afford my rates. In fact, I don’t advertise my business. Clients find me.

4) Don’t operate from fear or desperation. Clients call smell uncertainty and many will take advantage of you simply because they can. Trust God. I promise you, he answers prayers.

5) Be careful who you share your dreams, visions and business plans with. There are far more people calling themselves experts than there are those who have earned the title. Some of those listening to you are making plans based on what you share with them. Trust few, not all.

6) Understand that your vision is your vision. You alone are responsible for making it happen. No one is obligated to help you. Spend less time lamenting about what you need and more time doing what you have to do to get it.

7) Before asking someone to mentor you, ask yourself “What thing of value can I provide to this person of value?” You may be able to volunteer as an intern or help some other way. Whatever it is, don’t always approach people with the “gimme” sense of entitlement. No one owes you anything.

8) Don’t be afraid to fail. amass digital is my 5th business venture and everything that I have learnedfrom the others is what makes this company successful.

9) Invest in yourself. I still make it a practice to purchase new software, take a class, buy a book or do something to add to my knowledge base each time I get paid. Never stop learning; keep yourself relevant. (My latest self investment? Learning 3 new languages!)

10) More often than not, you already have what you need. We live in a world full of free resources. Make good use of them. You don’t have to rent office space right away. Cut costs without affecting quality.