HERcultivation With PR Maven Sandra Dieudonne


Sandra Dieudonne, also known as Sandikane (stage name), is an Attorney, Radio Host and creator of her own all woman talk show “The Sitdown” on YAC Radio. She is also a publicist for her firm SK Public Relations and VP of Public Relations for LaBelleLaDiva Enterprises, LLC. Sandra has always excelled in school academically She was the 8th grade Class Valedictorian. She graduated with High Honors in High School and was a member of the National Honor Society.

She attended Rutgers College at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ with a dual degree in English and Africana studies.

After graduation she worked as an editorial assistant for RIA a Tax Publication in New York. During this time she worked in the same building as Hot 97 and she met many celebrities on the elevator or in passing. These interactions sparked an interest in Entertainment Law. She decided to attend Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston, Texas and graduated with honors. She is a member of the State Bar of Texas. Sandra was a Federal clerk for the Honorable Judge Kenneth M. Hoyt, in the Southern District of Texas. She went on to open her law firm which focused on Family Law.

In 2010, Sandra returned to New Jersey and started her career in Public Relations in 2013 with YAC Radio. In March of 2016 she started SK Public Relations. She’s worked with: YAC Radio, Runway Pride, Dnalsi, Gil Rios, Fashion Etc., The Sitdown, Aella Gold Kremas, Love is Blind Webseries, Prey B4 You Eat 2, World Fashion Parade, LaVielle Modele, Darrio, DJ Areitan, Small Boutique Fashion Week, and many more djs, artists, etc. To date the most important event I worked on was Roxanne Shantè’s 30th Anniversary Celebration alongside her publicist, MsPenny.’



When did you first find your passion? (Tell us all about your movement)

I think my passion found me. I never dreamed of becoming a publicist but my life prepared me for it. I am relentless and I never back down from a challenge. I was always a social butterfly and I have always maintained friendships and relationships with individuals from various walks of life. I was approached by DJ Will of YAC Radio, Inc. to become their publicist. At first, I was hesitant because I’m a lawyer and I had no idea what a publicists’ responsibilities were. After consulting my friends Ruby, Alex and Crystal they all said that this would be perfect for me, so I accepted the position. A few years later, I decided that I wanted to open up my own PR Firm.

What’s important to you about living your passion?

The most important aspect about living my passion is happiness.I can say that I am truly happy when I’m asked to be apart of a project that will propel my client’s career or product. I love that I am my own boss. I am a free spirit, but I love order and precision. PR does not feel like work. I enjoy the smiling faces of my clients. I am not motivated by money. I am motivated by chemistry, passion and drive. I have refused projects because I felt like the client and I would not fit well with each other. I want to feel just as passionate as the client. I also want them to believe in me as much as I believe in them.

What motivates you to start your day?

I’m motivated by life! Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, so when I wake up I think of how I can make this day better than yesterday. I’m motivated by my daughter because she is watching and emulating me. She wants to be like me and I want her to be better than me.

Have you come across any obstacles, when preparing your Publicity Strategies?

Yes, I have encountered many obstacles especially since I am new to this field. I had to learn, research, and ask questions. I also reached back to the principles that I use in my legal practice to ensure that I satisfy my clients.

Give us one tip, that can change our way of thinking.

Never Give Up! There is always a solution to any problem.

Any pointers for the next entrepreneur startups?

I suggest the following:
1. Study your craft.
2. Find a mentor.
3. Learn from your mistakes and from the mistakes of others.
4. You will sacrifice sleep and money to ensure that your dream comes true.
5. Surround yourself with those who will praise, support and offer constructive criticism.
6. Build a solid network of trustworthy individuals.
What’s next for SK Public Relations?
As I said previously my passion found me and I flow with what God blesses me with. SK Public Relations is growing and I’m here to ride the wave.

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