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Every so often we are inspired by one’s quotes, photo or even social interactions. Michelle Kusi who goes by the name TribeCalledKush is our inspiration, so we reached out to her to see what motivates her to pursue her passion.

Michelle Kusi who goes by the name TribeCalledKush or The KooZ is a spoken word artist , writer and creative director from The Bronx.

Michelle attended Morgan State University for undergrad and Monroe college for her masters getting her masters in criminal justice Summa Cum Laude which was an honor to Michelle because up until her adult years she never rally excelled in anything positive. Michelle began writing poetry at a young age honing in on her craft during undergrad. She is now known across the globe as an inspirational poet her pieces are meant to provoke thought and reveal her truths in topics ranging from love to black liberation. Michelle is a story teller, her pieces often gives you a imagery with a plot line and climax through metaphors. Michelle believes that ones purpose should always be to aspire to inspire before you expire. Michelle wasn’t always on the positive side of the inspiration spectrum often getting into to trouble in her teenage and early adult years it was until she took a class that provoked her deep thinking and gave her the escape of expressive poetry. Michelle created a Movement alongside her Poetry Partner Kondwani Called Art: The dope and The dealer where they give a platform to artist and poets around the country. Michelle and Kondwani are also called the dope and the dealer which have garnered the interests of many worldwide. Their goal is to inspire through their metaphors and lift their people. Michelle has shared the stage with Def Jam Poet Black ice and Grammy nominated gospel singer Kierra Sheard. She is currently working on a creative project called I Am Africaan.

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When did you first find your passion?

Writing has always been my passion I used to write poems to get myself out of trouble with my mom, lol, when I realized I had a gift was when I took humanities in 08 and we had to write poems and I wrote a haiku. Then I just kept on writing not really taking it seriously till about 2013 and even then I would write here and there until summer 2014 dealt with some tragedies and all I had was my words the only thing I felt no one could take from me, the only thing that would not lie to me and make me sane. Me writing eveyr day that summer healed me from me, it gave me a peace and understanding that I cannot even explain. And ever since I have been writing for my life.

What’s important to you about living your passion?

It is me I have a poem that ends “poetry is life it is a breathe that if I skip a beat I die twice’ Its me, its what God gave to me to heal nations to inspire to uplift to explain my thoughts and perceptions on any and everything. It’s how I connect everything that’s going on around me to me

What motivates you to start your day?

HMMMM many things, I believe that we are placed on earth for a purpose and to fullfill Gods destiny for our lives. So that motivates me what God has planned for me now and for the future.

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Has anyone recently inspired you to write a special piece? and if so would you share it with us?

Yes, I call this a letter to my past men

Stuck in your ruins
Delusional antics we formed
Through confusion we called building
How can you build when the sealing is lust
How can you trust when every man
That comes promising eternal bliss
Brings tears
She tells everyone to put themselves first
To put their wants needs and everything in between first
To hold themselves in the highest regard as queen
And if a man is not giving you everything you need
Tell him peace King I got to leave for me
But she doesn’t
searching for the 1 to bring the ring with the loving
But they all
Continue to remind her that love means nothing
but pain and defeat
Why come back in her life to fuck her up
And now she got to leave
I got to leave
She knows to never listen to a mans words but to watch to his actions
And if only consistencies didn’t lie within fractions and mis-happenings
There’s nothing she can do or be that is enough
She gave you transparency
Wasn’t enough
She gave you everything
she thought in this confusion you’d need to cherish her as your queen
and you’ve given her nothing
But tears that are dripping in between her seams
Soaking up her sanity as she drowns in the ocean
Created by her own dna
She prays one day that God will send her a man that she won’t have to put Fuck boy in front of his name
One day and she’d know he’s the one
She won’t have to force phone calls and conversations
She won’t have ever think she’s competing with anyone or anything
She won’t have to worry about other woman
And him posting like she’s just living in one big oblivion
Until then the cycle of her heartbreak is a never ending continuum-Michelle Kus aka The KooZ ©

Wow It’s so beautiful

Give us one tip, that can change our way of thinking.

Let Go Let God

Any pointers for the next entrepreneur startups?

Pray before any endeavor
Don’t speak before its time
Do what you have to do, need to do and want to do, and eventually they all will become what you want to do. Network, research the particular business portion of the industry youd like to get in. Invest in yourself and most importantly, trust God and grind If its in his will, it will happen.

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