HERcultivation With Media Maven Valerie Victor


With a Bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism and Communications, Valerie Victor is making strides in the media industry. Currently Valerie lends her expertise to Hip-Hop Weekly Magazine, The Hype Magazine, The Rap Fest, Franchise record Pool television (FRP-TV), and DTF Radio. At Hip Hop Weekly, she is a social media coordinator, website editor, journalist and media correspondent,

while at The Hype Magazine, she’s the NYC Editor at Large. Valerie is a straight hustler at heart!

We were so impressed with all that she’s doing, that we just had to pick her brain and see how she does it all!

When did you first find your passion?

I first found out about my passion when I was in school. At the time, I was a Nursing Major with only 2 semesters left to be an RN. I got as far as clinical rotations and I absolutely hated it. I realized that I didn’t feel like I was helping anyone, I felt like a machine and all I did was give meds. I was the only person that would go in my patients room and just talk to my patients, about anything really. I was more interested in my patients story , career, their dreams and intellect, and I knew at that moment I was in the wrong field. I withdrew from Nursing school and registered for my first semester as a Journalism undergrad. I have since graduated with my Bachelors degree, with a focus on Broadcast and Multimedia Communication, and I haven’t looked back at medicine since.

(Tell us all about your movement)

My movement revolves around pushing the culture forward and supporting the career of a number of creatives. Today, I’m happy to say that I’ve had the honor of speaking to some of the biggest names in the Hip-Hop and R&B music industry. Some people may consider me a Journalist, but I am truly a Multimedia Professional focused on Broadcast and Digital Communication. I specifically specialize in Social Media strategy, Marketing, Print and Broadcast Journalism, Radio hosting, and Media Corresponding . Over the last few years, I have dedicated my time to working behind the scenes, behind the microphone, and many times in front of the camera. My movement is about having organic conversations with people about what means the world to them, taking that information, and sharing it with the world on their behalf. I discover people’s goals, dreams, aspirations and testimonies, and by sharing that, I motivate and encourage a new age of creatives to follow their dreams.


What’s important to you about living your passion?

Living out my passion is what my life is all about. My passion is what gives my life and all the work that I do a purpose. Without passion, I don’t believe I could ever find my purpose. And my passion for communication, connecting with people, and really touching people is what I was put here on this earth to do. It is my purpose. A life without a passion, or a purpose, is almost like a Queen who’s never wore her crown. Does she know that she is royalty? Does she understand her worth or realize how her role affects everyone else? Unlike her, I know the impact of who I am, and what my work can do for the culture.

What motivates you to start your day?

My daily motivation is parallel to my dreams. Everything I see at night when I close my eyes is what pushes me to wake up and get it done. I don’t think God gives us dreams that we cannot make our reality. Our dreams are made for living, and our lives are meant to be fulfilled. I kind of have this weird sense of urgency when it comes to my career. I’m continuously thinking about ways I could be better or do better, and how those actions can get me closer to my dreams. I don’t let myself get too comfortable. The moment we get comfortable, we become stagnant.

Have you come across any obstacles in the industry?

There are so many obstacles in the industry. It’s a small industry and it’s extremely competitive. Some of the challenges I often face are things like being compensated for my work properly, and even the lack of genuine support. I haven’t come across too many media professionals that are willing to take time away from what they’re doing to actually support the initiatives of the next media person. I have yet to find people I can actually build with and grow with, and that’s a challenge, but I overcome it by staying true to my dreams, pushing myself, and accomplishing my goals. Also, there are people who are always looking for a come up, and any media professionals can tell you how many people say they want to “work” with them, but are more interested in using you for your connections. I’ve learned how to weed them out, and it took time to be able to understand the intent of people.

Give us one tip, that can change our way of thinking.

The biggest tip I can give anyone about changing their way of thinking is to stop second guessing themselves. Just learning how to trust yourself and your instincts is huge. You can’t think negatively, and you can’t question everything. Believe in the knowledge you have, take advantage of every opportunity you have to learn more and perfect your craft. Just know and believe that you are on the right path. This industry, is an industry that requires lots of creative energy, and to make moves you have to remain positive. By doing everything I said to the best of your ability, helps create and maintain positivity.

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Any pointers for the next entrepreneur startups?

My biggest pointers for any upcoming entrepreneur is to make sure you have a clear business plan, a strong team, investment money, and a strong will to succeed. You need to understand exactly what your business is about and what service you’ll be providing to your consumers. Evaluate your competitors, and look at things that can give your business and edge. Know the market for your prospective field well, and plan ahead of time. Don’t rush to start something, because statistics show a large percentages of newly opened businesses don’t make it past 1 year. Your goal is success, not speed. Keep that in mind. And most of all take risks, you can’t be in business if you don’t take a risk. It’s important to study and do research before taking those risks, and when you have that knowledge, you’ll know what risks to take. Let the first risk be taking a chance on yourself and your vision. Lastly, invest in yourself. No one will give you money if you haven’t even put gen money into yourself.

What’s next for Valerie Victor?

What’s next for me is growth, expanding and enjoying everyday of my journey. I aspire to break into being a nationally syndicated public figure and truly have an impact in the film, television, and music industry. I don’t want to limit myself or my capabilities and I don’t plan on giving up. Although I am so many amazing things to so many people, I enjoy that I am still growing and learning, and I’m excited for all the opportunities I know are waiting for me ahead.

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