HERcultivation With Krystle Jones

When did you first find your passion? (Tell us all about your movement)

I discovered my love for writing, my passion, while I was still in college. However, it wasn’t until a few years later that I realized it was more than just writing and keeping it in a journal. I realized that my words can help someone else. I’ve always had a love for helping others, so I used my gift to continue to do just that.

LovelyMissJones is now a blog that encourages, inspires, and motivates other; pushing them towards positive changes. I’ve learned that people are more apt to change in positive ways when they can relate. Therefore, I use relevant stories (my story, as well as others) to encourage others. Sharing experiences that people have gone through or are currently going through, gives them hope; and let’s them know that they can hang on and move a little further.

What motivates you to start your day?

Honestly, my motivation comes from my desire to see other people grow. When I realized, through God, what happens when we use what we’ve been given; it has motivated me to keep doing what I’m called to do. Lives can literally be changed when you step into your calling, and do exactly what you were meant to do.


Give us one tip, that can change your way of thinking.

One tip that I believe will change your way of thinking, is knowing that your gifts and talents are bigger than you. Yes, you receive this feeling of fulfillment and you grow tremendously when you love out your dream. However, knowing the effect that it will have on the lives of others will push you beyond you. Beyond your insecurities, and beyond your comfort zone. That’s really what’s it all about.

How did you find balance?

It’s not always easy to find a balance. It can be something that can be a repeated struggle. But when you are fully aware of what you possess, you learn to prioritize so that you can properly execute. Planning is key! Be sure to write things down in level of importance, and check off accordingly. I personally have a planner and several journals to help keep me in line. Without a proper plan, one can’t execute effectively.

Any pointers for the young entrepreneur startups?

I’d like to leave young entrepreneur startups with this: always stay true to yourself! Do not compare yourself to someone else. Do not compare your movement or your business to that of someone else’s. Your journey isn’t their journey. Go at your own pace. Be sure to learn as much as you can during your process, so that you can grow and be as effective as possible!

Years after discovering her love and passion for writing, Krystle began blogging. Without knowing much at all about this process, she knew she had to take that leap of faith and share with the world the very thing that has gotten her through. At a point in her life, writing was her biggest form of communication. During her challenging college experience, writing became apart of her normal routine. Krystle often took to writing when she became overwhelmed with life’s difficulties.

After starting the book that she plans to continue, she realized blogging was a better way to reach people immediately. Krystle realized she could take advantage of the platform that was right in front of her. Participating in the social media movement, why not use it as an outlet to create positive change in someone’s life. Helping others to strive for success and greatness has always been a passion of hers, but took her some time to figure out how she could be more effective in doing so. However, as time progressed, she found her niche and has been dedicated in fulfilling her goal ever since.

Krystle is currently a Health and Wellness Blogger for Everything Girls Love (Everythinggl.com), as well as a Host and Marketing Coordinator for Gifted and Uplifted (Urban Christian Talk Show). She has also been a contributing writer for many online publications; such as, Black City Girl (blackcitygirl.com), Ladies Who Hustle as a business success blogger (lwhnetwork.com), TNF Magazine (We Are Little Miss Creative), Kreate Your Diva (kreateyourdiva.com), Go Tell It Daily News Magazine, and Brown Girl Bloggers (browngirlbloggers.com).