HERcultivation With Digital Maven Dana Cobbs

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Dana Cobbs, is not your ordinary ‘it girl’ her 14 years of digital advertising, strategy & custom research functions have allowed her to be creative, travel and work in both the agency and publisher worlds. She has leveraged fluency in digital best practices and because of her experience and knowledge it has enhanced critical objectives for a myriad of global multi-platform clients ranging from travel, non-profit, CPG, tech and more. We sat with Dana Cobbs to discuss her influential strategies and her side hustles.

When did you first find your passion? (Tell us all about your movement)

I’ve always known that music and dancing was a passion for me since I was a child. I grew up listening to my parents disco/RnB/soul records. I always loved the break. Soul Train was on every Saturday. I have distinct memories of where I first heard Teena Marie or LL Cool J or Eric B & Rakim as a teen. I simply have always loved music. I remember when my dad brought home the 1st Sugar Hill Record, [and all of the subsequent singles on that same label that followed. ]. I can appreciate the era of Netflix’s “The Get Down”. My boom box was as important to me as my dad’s “dont touch my hi-fi!” was to him! Making mix tapes from famous DJs on NYC radio Friday and Saturday nights…wow I could go on. So yeah, I grew up to Disco and Hip Hop first and foremost. One sort of when to the wayside as a genre and the other stuck.

During my college years I expanded my listening to BBC. At that time I had also started modeling. I remember being in Brussels in the early 90s when I first learned that hip hop had stretched well beyond the east coast! I made sure to finish school, and I began a career in advertising that lasted 14 years. I still do consulting work. After easily 20 years, I began shooting again. And as luck would have it, my phone began to ring again. I have worked the past 3 New York Fashion Weeks consecutively–at 40 something!

What’s important to you about living your passion?

Living your passion is, to me, living your happy. Its spending your time as you see fit. Contributing. Living your passion is the ultimate act of self-love. Ensuring that you in some way are truly honoring your soul. This is a lesson that I continue to learn every day. Patience. Things will happen when its time, and seldom before.

What motivates you to start your day?

The idea that I’ve been granted a day to begin with. I learned that “morning” is not just a time of day around 8 or 9 am, it’s not simply the commute to work. Starting my day is personal, it is my private time to be extra good to myself. It’s a time for self care, some quiet, reflection. Then I can turn my focus and be good for everyone else.

Do you have anything special you do to prepare for your DJ gig?

Im no DMC champ, but I consider myself an excellent “selector” if you will. I know how to tell a story with music. I’ve learned from amazing DJs, how to read a crowd, and how to move the music around. But edits, new music, remixes are my specialty. I love to play the unexpected. I love to break new music. Success is when it all fits, when hands are in the air, when people ache to know “who is that”???. Therefore, when Im “working on music”, Im researching and playing with ways to “make music” via turntables vs. simply merging one song into the next.


Give us one tip, that can change our way of thinking.

“There is SO much more to life.”

Any pointers for the next entrepreneur startups?

It’s easy to pick the name, set up the website, and the social media accounts. Business has much to do with communications, connections, meetings, correspondence, and simply the hard behind the scenes work that goes into your product or service. THAT must be your focus–improving your craft. Begin small. Perfect it. Build from there.

What’s next for Dana C., the DJ, Model, Muse?

Honestly? Clean and healthy beauty and wellness. Its an area that I research daily. Seeking out products that perform in a high capacity that are natural, and affordable, and won’t cause us illness down the road.

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