HERcultivation With C R Capers


CR Capers is the Founder and CEO of Revolution Media – a “new media” company that leverages social media and large scale events to change the narrative.

With so many new webisodes on the youtube platform and netflix taking over our households, we was excited to hear about the woman behind a big global movement, “The Hip Hop Film Festival” so we reached out to get the cinematic facts and let us tell you, this is one powerful, fearless woman!

When did you first find your passion? (Tell us all about your movement)

I found my passion at a young age. I was bullied and teased.. a lot. It wasn’t until I reached the end of my patience that I knew I had to either say something or forever be a punching bag. So I spoke up, I spoke out and I realized the power of my voice. Even more powerful than speaking out, was the mental change that happened right before… I had what I call “a revolution of the mind”. That is now the motto and tag line of my media company. It is what I live by.

What’s important to you about living your passion?

It is important to me that I create a narrative that will embolden my daughter to reach even higher than me. If I don’t live my passion, how can I tell her to live hers with a straight face?Once you change your mindset, you change the narrative, not just for yourself, but for others around you. I ask myself, my team and my fellow filmmakers “what story will you tell?” Meaning, what legacy will you leave behind? How will you be remembered?

What motivates you to start your day?
Coffee!! But seriously, my daily motivation is that I no longer have to go into an office and work to make someone else’s narrative come to life. I worked corporate America for 10 plus years, and while I learned a lot, there is something evil about having to ask permission to go to the bathroom, or having to beg for a day off to see your child graduate from pre-school. There is something insidious about the entire corporate plantation and it’s culture . So what motivates me? Knowing that if this doesn’t work I’ll have to go back to slaving. I jump up like there is a fire under my ass.

What has been challenging in preparing for the Hip Hop Festival?

I know most people say funding is the most challenging, but I would say the mindset around money needs to change. Money is a tool, and like any tool it is used to make the machine run smoothy. The most challenging aspect is being eternally optimistic, not just for me, but for my team and our filmmakers from all over the world who NEED this platform. Our lowest points come when we get rejections from potential sponsors or when people won’t support just because they see the word “Hip Hop” and automatically think something negative or just because I am a Black woman doing something different. When you hit those low points, the energy to continue must be summoned from somewhere and radiated to those who truly believe in the mission. Nothing kills purpose faster than being swallowed up by pessimism because of a rejection or an encounter with an unsavory person.
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Give us one tip, that can change our way of thinking.

Close your eyes. Imagine your best self. Look at her in your mind’s eye in 10 years. What is she doing? How did she get there? What steps did she take each year to be this person that you admire so much? Open your eyes. Follow her steps.
I chase myself… constantly. There is nothing she is doing that I can’t do. We are the same person. Once you change your mind about yourself, you will have a revolution of the mind, I promise. Nothing will be the same after that.

Any pointers for the next entrepreneur startups?

Stay ahead of the curve. Figure out how to create blue oceans. Research every trend and stay on top of political events in all industries. Most importantly, please make sure your business is in service to mankind in some way. Being a boss/leader is not about giving orders, it is about being in service to those around you.

What’s next for CR Capers?

Next up, we grow and expand our mission of changing the narrative worldwide. We hope to take the festival on tour domestically and internationally this year. We also launched our streaming service, Hip Hop Film Festival TV (www.hhfftv.com). Already called the Hip Hop Netflix, the critically acclaimed films from each season of our festival will live on the network along with original web series, our Master Series and more. What is different about HHFF TV is that the subscription is split evenly amongst all the filmmakers on the platform. So they get a check whether there are 6 subscribers or 6 million. Subscriptions are $5.00 month to the public, so it’s cost effective and is socially responsible. This is not one of those janky services that you have to get points for how many hours watched – we are straightforward. The goal of HHFF TV is to make sure our people are funded to continue to change the narrative.

After that .. we continue to rock. And we won’t stop.

Visit C R Capers movement online http://www.hiphopfilmfestival.org / http://www.hhfftv.com

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