HERcultivation MEL & MO LOVE POTION 214™

Every so often we are going to highlight women who are doing it! whether in our Feature File section, Snapshot Series or Fearless Fashionistas, we will bring you the hauteness. Today we are profiling two lovely ladies who have a few movements, one of them is their LovePotion214™ ,non dairy chocolate beverage and there new app #SelfMadeDaily, the social network and lifestyle app for entrepreneur

What inspired you to create Mel & Mo’s Love Potion 214™?

When we set out to create Mel & Mo’s Love Potion 214™, all we could think about is how much we love the good life, and how we could bring the good life to YOU (the people).

What exactly do you mean by “the good life?”

Our commitment to taking excellent care of ourselves. That has everything to do with why Mel & Mo’s Love Potion 214™ was born. #WelcomeToTheGoodlife!

How does your lifestyle influence your beverage, Mel & Mo’s Love Potion 214™?

Each ingredient in Mel & Mo’s Love Potion 214™ is specially selected and sampled before production. We use fresh, premium quality kosher & organic ingredients to create Mel & Mo’s Love Potion 214™(love in a bottle).


Did you say Kosher & organic?

Now you’ve really got our attention!

We know the formula for your potion is top secret, but can you tell us more about your ingredients?

Our ingredients, such as pure cocoa, sensual notes of alluring rose and exotic vanilla take you to a breathtaking destination called Love Potion 214. We are head over heels for Mel & Mo’s Love Potion 214™ & we know you will be too!
We can’t wait to taste! Speaking of taste what’s the best way for us to savor #LP214?

There are so many options! Ice cold out the fridge, like chocolate milk. Served hot with marshmallows or whipped cream, like cocoa. Steamed to perfection in your coffee, like a cappuccino, or shaken over ice with your libation of choice.

A Love Potion 214 libation…how intoxicating! Do you have a preferred liquor?

This season, our featured libation is a smooth blend of Mel & Mo’s Love Potion 214™ & Van Gogh’s Dark Chocolate Vodka, we like to call it Masterpiece.
How creative! A true work of art, like all of your brand content.

What inspires you to focus your business on building a brand with great content instead of simply pushing a product?

When we began documenting our journey as entrepreneurs, it sparked an organic talent & passion within us to create great content. We like to refer to ourselves as “Digital Journalists,” to stand apart from the growing stigma against “bloggers” (no offense).
(None taken!)Six short months after our first event, we realized that the content we were creating needed a platform of its own. We decided to create a social media network for entrepreneurs who want to join us in documenting their journeys & gain support from a community of likeminded individuals.

A social media network? How ambitious! Can you tell us what it’s called?

LP214.ME #SelfMade – Make your next move your best move. No take twos.
Make your next move your best move. No take twos?
It’s our mantra. It inspires our work ethic & lifestyle.

What is the goal of LP214.ME #SelfMade?