HERcultivation Fearless Fashionista // Tiffany Martinez

Every so often, we get inspired by the designers who already have their fashion houses in Vogue magazine and celebrities rocking’ their brand like its never going to go out of style. But here at HERcultivation, our focus is the entrepreneur, the new emerging designers who are silently making noise as they keep us looking fashionably fabulous. Let us introduce to you Tiffany Martinez, designer and fashion consultant to the stars.

Tell us who is ‘Tru Kullaz”

“Tru Kullaz” is a streetwear clothing company that has been influenced by music, art, and pretty much the whole hip-hop culture. We started off as a custom clothing line making jackets and hoodies and then branched off into t-shirts.

How did your collaboration with Flex happen?

Flex called me up and said that he and Cee had been working on a tribute for Biggie’s upcoming 20 year anniversary and asked if I would want to collab with Cee on a limited edition tee. I mean Mister Cee is a legend! I was honored, Cee is the truth! So Cee had this idea of taking a line from the movie “Notorious” and putting it on a tee… it was a wrap! Mister Cee and Funk Flex wore it for an interview during the “Ready to Die” Anniversary on Hot97 the next week.

I think its dope. Music and fashion go hand-n-hand. Being able to express your creativity should always be encouraged. I come from a musical family and have been a fashion stylist for over seventeen years, so I’m all about artists branching out into other mediums.



A day in the life of Tiffany Martinez.

I don’t know where my day ends or begins, because truthfully if my phone goes off in the middle of the night and it’s business I’m up to answer it. So typically I wake up and check my emails and orders, then check my social networks. I’m always on the road, so my days can include me going to the studio to meet a client, check with my fabric suppliers down town, or having to run to my warehouse to see how my orders are coming along. And of course, FedEx. My day usually ends with Cora$on and our team in the studio. He’s an artist who has been in the music industry for almost fifteen years, starting as a song writer for his sister Mary J. Blige. He’s been there since day one. Honestly my team is really my first inspiration.

Tell us how you got the name Tru Kullaz

I’m half Mexican. I love “kullaz!” Bright, vibrant, ethnic, eclectic fabrics! Back in 2007 I had fallen in love with the idea of dashikis being in my hoodies. It’s crazy how now eight years later everyone seems to be rocking them.

Has being on social networks helped your brand elevate?

I have so many new clients from Instagram alone it’s amazing! Shout out to Funk Flex and Mister Cee. From DJs, producers, song writers, artists, musicians, and just about anyone who relates to our brand.

Favorite Designers?

Emilio Pucci, hands down. I love Missoni but Pucci is it. I love his geometric prints and kaleidoscope of “kullaz”


Which Celebrities can be seen rocking the brand?

Groovy Lew the stylist, Styles P, Fred The Godson, Mysonne, Cory Guns, DJ Funk Master Flex, and Mister Cee, just to name a few

One word which describes you


What’s next for Tru Kullaz?

I have a lot of new designs I’ve been working on and I’m getting ready to drop them at Funk Flex’s Sneaker and Lifestyle Expo on All Star Weekend. And I’ve also been working on a few more collabs with Mister Cee. I’m just getting all of these pieces ready for stores right now. That’s my priority.

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Update: This interview is a year old, but we wanted to profile Tiffany Martinez and will be bringing you her new collection on the next Fearless Fashionsta, keep watch!