In celebrating our SHEpreneurs we tend to focus on ambition, development and cultivation, so it’s no surprise when we see the young vibrant entrepreneurs making waves through the digital space.  Where do I start? is the first thing that entrepreneurs want to know and our answer is Passion. Before diving into a saturated space you must have the drive, passion and ambition or you will encounter self doubt soon. 

Meet Jacque Aye , she is a twenty-something e-commerce entrepreneur based in Dallas, TX. who loves Gucci Mane and the color pink, but also maintains a roaring online business on the daily.  We spoke to Jacque about her inspirations and biggest challenges.

Learn more about how Jacque keeps her ongoing success blooming in the interview, below!

How did the inspiration for Adorned By Chi come about?

I launched Adorned by Chi as a side project after quitting my job. I wanted something fun to do to honor God (“Chi” means God in Igbo) while also being creative and making a bit of money. I didn’t think it would ever be my full-time career. Lucky for me things didn’t go as planned!

Brand-wise I noticed that it was rare for me to see Black women wearing the cutesy, quirky and super soft styles that I loved. So from the start I wanted to showcase Black women being nerdy, quirky and cutesy.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Fighting my own inner voices honestly. I have anxiety and a strong case of people pleasing syndrome. But I’ve learned through running this business that everyone can’t and won’t be happy and you just have to do your best!

How did you begin to get the word out and what role does social media play in your PR efforts?

At first I blogged and utilized Facebook groups. At the time I was very active in the blogging community so my friends helped me out by interviewing me and sharing purchases. Now I just use social media to talk to my customers. I can’t say I have a strategy, I really just wake up and share and chat ha!


Three things people may not know about Adorned By Chi?

I started my business with less than $100, I learned how to design via Youtube, and I run my business solo dolo.

What advice would you give to the next aspiring fashion shepreneurs?

Be fearless, follow your intuition and be mindful of which opinions you take to heart.

Visit Adorned By Chi here