Created for the woman who stepped out on faith and is in need of financial help for their start-up. HERCultivation chooses to highlight the generation x business owners that will bring the relationship between them closer to work on their entrepreneurial endeavors building a bond through business.

Why Fund Our Movement

Its different, its new, its needed: The 5,000 goal Will Help HERCultivation Thrive

A dedicated, clean and safe co-working space for entrepreneurs to seek out their ventures. The generation x women will be able to continue to bring you video tutorials for other entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunity to learn from our experience to better themselves in business.

Create a sponsor bank where the entrepreneurs can use to jump start giving them hope, without worry. A team of content collaborators and creators is needed to coordinate events, video tutorials for our monthly brunches, workshops and yearly conferences.
The funds will be to provide clothing for the homeless, computers for the orphanage in Puerto Rico and communities. A scholarship for the generation x entrepreneurs giving them a jump start for their new business venture.

The Impact

Your Contribution means more to us than just providing funding. It means you understand and want to be a part of helping the woman who stepped out to faith, with so much fear in her heart, but still took the leap. The woman who followed her passion and is thriving through her struggles. We challenge ourselves to take this global and reach those fearless woman rebuilding hope and faith.

Risks & Challenges

Our risk is not getting the support needed to help others achieve their goals. We started this movement with just a thought and it has grown in two years with women depending on our social skills, the talks and panel discussions which created a hub for the generation x woman, to feel comfortable and powerful in their decision to become entrepreneurs. Aside from the team that has been working to assemble to bring the campaign to fruition, successful shepreneurs have pitched in their time to help.

Regardless of how much we raise, we will continue to push forward motivating our shepreneurs to overcome any hurdles and to solve any challenges that come their way. We believe in building bridges not destroying them. It takes strength and steps to planning and strategizing.

Other Ways You Can Help

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Using the tools to get #SHEpreneurs a worldwide movement!

Our Donations
Up to date we have donated $2,500 to 3 shepreneurs new business venture

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