HERcultivation: 5 Questions With SHEpreneur Melanie Marie


Melanie Marie is a serial entrepreneur, mother, mentor and all around business woman,  currently living out her dreams.  We are always intrigued by the women who are in pursuit of their goals and allow themselves to be driven by passion.  So therefore we reached out to Melanie Marie, the self made and successful entrepreneur to give us a glimpse of how she dared to quit her 9to5 and work for herself.  But don’t jump so fast, listen to the advice she gives to the new entrepreneurs on her blog  indrewsshoes.com. 


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We are excited to jump right into it! Explain to us your definition of a serial entrepreneur?
I define a serial entrepreneur as someone that launches and runs multiple businesses vs an entrepreneur that launches one business and runs just that one.

Is the brand Melanie Marie your passion project?
Yes, it is. I love Accessories and it was so much fun launching and growing this business.

What was your first piece of jewelry? walk us through that process and feeling.
I actually started making handbags before jewelry. My first handbag was a bag named “Showstopper”. I was so super duper excited after I drew out the design, then received the sample, then the finished product. It was such a surreal feeling and I will never forget it.

Do you see yourself expanding your brand, beyond the gems and jewelry line?
I do. I would love to create shoes. I love shoes (as do all Women) and I think they would be a great addition to the brand.

What advice would you give to the next aspiring entrepreneurs?
I always tell aspiring entrepreneurs to never quit, never look at a failure as the end but a learning lesson, and to never let anyone tear you away from your dreams!

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FundHER August Spotlight: Photographer Sheila Johnson #FUNDher


August is upon us and HERcultivation has chosen a new #entrepreneur to #fund their new entrepreneur business. Our new entrepreneur is a photographer who left corporate america to pursue her passion, but with an unforeseen incident, she now is forced to look for work, while taking care of an ill relative fighting the fight #FuckCancer. We have stepped in to help and donate to keep her passion alive. With your help she can thrive, any amount is appreciated. Once we reach our $500 goal we will post her story.. Will you help #HerCultivation reach its goal? FundHER here: 


HERcultivation Fearless Fashionista // Tiffany Martinez


HERcultivation Fearless Fashionista // Tiffany Martinez

Every so often, we get inspired by the designers who already have their fashion houses in Vogue magazine and celebrities rocking’ their brand like its never going to go out of style. But here at HERcultivation, our focus is the entrepreneur, the new emerging designers who are silently making noise as they keep us looking fashionably fabulous. Let us introduce to you Tiffany Martinez, designer and fashion consultant to the stars.

Tell us who is ‘Tru Kullaz”

“Tru Kullaz” is a streetwear clothing company that has been influenced by music, art, and pretty much the whole hip-hop culture. We started off as a custom clothing line making jackets and hoodies and then branched off into t-shirts.

How did your collaboration with Flex happen?

Flex called me up and said that he and Cee had been working on a tribute for Biggie’s upcoming 20 year anniversary and asked if I would want to collab with Cee on a limited edition tee. I mean Mister Cee is a legend! I was honored, Cee is the truth! So Cee had this idea of taking a line from the movie “Notorious” and putting it on a tee… it was a wrap! Mister Cee and Funk Flex wore it for an interview during the “Ready to Die” Anniversary on Hot97 the next week.

I think its dope. Music and fashion go hand-n-hand. Being able to express your creativity should always be encouraged. I come from a musical family and have been a fashion stylist for over seventeen years, so I’m all about artists branching out into other mediums.



A day in the life of Tiffany Martinez.

I don’t know where my day ends or begins, because truthfully if my phone goes off in the middle of the night and it’s business I’m up to answer it. So typically I wake up and check my emails and orders, then check my social networks. I’m always on the road, so my days can include me going to the studio to meet a client, check with my fabric suppliers down town, or having to run to my warehouse to see how my orders are coming along. And of course, FedEx. My day usually ends with Cora$on and our team in the studio. He’s an artist who has been in the music industry for almost fifteen years, starting as a song writer for his sister Mary J. Blige. He’s been there since day one. Honestly my team is really my first inspiration.

Tell us how you got the name Tru Kullaz

I’m half Mexican. I love “kullaz!” Bright, vibrant, ethnic, eclectic fabrics! Back in 2007 I had fallen in love with the idea of dashikis being in my hoodies. It’s crazy how now eight years later everyone seems to be rocking them.

Has being on social networks helped your brand elevate?

I have so many new clients from Instagram alone it’s amazing! Shout out to Funk Flex and Mister Cee. From DJs, producers, song writers, artists, musicians, and just about anyone who relates to our brand.

Favorite Designers?

Emilio Pucci, hands down. I love Missoni but Pucci is it. I love his geometric prints and kaleidoscope of “kullaz”


Which Celebrities can be seen rocking the brand?

Groovy Lew the stylist, Styles P, Fred The Godson, Mysonne, Cory Guns, DJ Funk Master Flex, and Mister Cee, just to name a few

One word which describes you


What’s next for Tru Kullaz?

I have a lot of new designs I’ve been working on and I’m getting ready to drop them at Funk Flex’s Sneaker and Lifestyle Expo on All Star Weekend. And I’ve also been working on a few more collabs with Mister Cee. I’m just getting all of these pieces ready for stores right now. That’s my priority.

Follow Tiffany on Instagram & Twitter @trukullaz

Update: This interview is a year old, but we wanted to profile Tiffany Martinez and will be bringing you her new collection on the next Fearless Fashionsta, keep watch!


HERcultivation With Sarah Sweeney


HERcultivation With Sarah Sweeney

Raised in Westchester County, “the cornball suburbs”, as she describes it, was always just a train ride away from the gritty streets of New York City. I was inspired by her racy paintings and wanted to know more about them, dig deep, and nurture nudity on a different level. Her exhibition, named “SIDEWALK CLOSED, USE OTHER SIDE” is a nod to Ms. Sweeny’s special times in New York City. A time when one might stumble upon a scene on the sidewalk which might make you want to cross to the other side of the street. This follows the success of her “DARKSIDE OF NEW YORK PIZZA” one-night show at an LES pizza shop— and is a continuation of all things classic New York also curated by Derrick B. Harden. This exhibit is a time capsule of objects, events both public and personal, that true New Yorkers will understand and enjoy, but everyone can appreciate. A true celebration of NYC Americana in all its dysfunctional glory.

As Sarah prepares for the launch of her exhibit, she talks with The REVEAL Mag about her inspiration, contrast and drawings.

Tell us about your background

I’m white

What inspired you to start painting?

Well I started drawing at a young age, and I feel like painting was a natural progression to drawing. Drawing was a hobby since as far back as I can remember. Also I got very lucky to have a great high school art teacher named Elise Curry. She introduced us to oil paints. She was a dope, wonderful, quirky lady who really cared about kids and art. Sadly art class in public schools just aint what it used to be.

Your breakout piece was called “Whiny White Guys”, tell us about that experience.

I was young, like 18. It was for a project for my one year at Parson’s School of Design. It was from the title on a Village Voice cover – I’m not even sure what the story was about, maybe some politicians of some sort, but I just thought it was such a great title, I ripped the three words “Whiny White Guys” and stuck them in the paint and painted like a generic businessman with a briefcase around the words, with donuts falling out of his pants. I let my boyfriend, at the time, hang it in the Porto Rico Coffee shop he worked at on Thompson street, but he got fired, it’s since closed – so I have no idea what happened to that painting. Fucking dudes!

Are there any artist you admire?

I really admire Kehinde Wiley’s insane photo-realism elaborate wallpaper-y portraits. He’s otherworldly. So much discipline. I also really admire Patrick Martinez and his bodega inspired- “Cheeto’s” hood-art, with babies breast feeding from soda bottle titties… how dope is that?!?! and of course the classics: Robert Crumb. Lucien Freud…

I have seen some perverse pizza paintings what was the inspiration behind that?

Oh! Darkside of New York Pizza? That started because I went to my friend Jamie Story’s BIG MACK exhibition at Rizzo’s Pizza in the LES. I met the owner Bugsy that night and we became friends. I just said “give me a show at the shop!” and he agreed. Then I realized I had to come up with a show, and I had nothing. I thought it be funny to involve pizza in the art. Yea I’m that simple. So, I started coming up with titles that could involve pizza like “Pizza Party, Pizza Face, Death by pizza….” But the drawings were really fun for me to do after I came up with the names, they just kind of flowed out.

How much time does it take to produce one of your paintings?

Ummm… for this show? Probably 4-5 days, several hours a day … and then I have to stop myself… But a painting could go on forever, and ever, and ever… if I have no deadline, haha. It’s a problem.

How do you prepare for your shows?

I work. Hard. I don’t socialize much. I focus on the work. “go into the zone” so to speak… try to take care of myself, cause I’m a night owl by nature but I try to not pull an all-nighter. Cause it’s not healthy. Just like “go to bed, bitch!” You can get up and continue tomorrow.
What should we expect from your solo exhibition “SIDEWALK CLOSED USE OTHER SIDE”?
A GOOD fucking time. Lots of scenes from the Eyewitness news at 10 but from the 80’s.

Do you have any particular style to your art?


Um, I dunno. I love doing paintings as much as I love a pen. I like lots of contrast. Contrast contrast!! I love a thick black line. Black lines matter!

What’s next for Sarah Sweeney? Any other projects coming up?

I’m going on a trip to Wildwood, New Jersey, to relax, but also to shoot scenes with some of my girl friends. maybe some nudes, with food, in seedy atomic style retro 50’s motel rooms, all as reference for my next show which has a working title of: Thru The Looking Vag.


Sarah Sweeney, DARKSIDE OF NEW YORK PIZZA & current exhibition “SIDEWALK CLOSED USE OTHER SIDE.” all curated by Derrick B. Harden @dearderrick_bk
“SIDEWALK CLOSED USE OTHER SIDE. is on display through May 28 at 103 Allen Street, LES, New York City.


HERcultivation MEL & MO LOVE POTION 214™


HERcultivation MEL & MO LOVE POTION 214™

Every so often we are going to highlight women who are doing it! whether in our Feature File section, Snapshot Series or Fearless Fashionistas, we will bring you the hauteness. Today we are profiling two lovely ladies who have a few movements, one of them is their LovePotion214™ ,non dairy chocolate beverage and there new app #SelfMadeDaily, the social network and lifestyle app for entrepreneur

What inspired you to create Mel & Mo’s Love Potion 214™?

When we set out to create Mel & Mo’s Love Potion 214™, all we could think about is how much we love the good life, and how we could bring the good life to YOU (the people).

What exactly do you mean by “the good life?”

Our commitment to taking excellent care of ourselves. That has everything to do with why Mel & Mo’s Love Potion 214™ was born. #WelcomeToTheGoodlife!

How does your lifestyle influence your beverage, Mel & Mo’s Love Potion 214™?

Each ingredient in Mel & Mo’s Love Potion 214™ is specially selected and sampled before production. We use fresh, premium quality kosher & organic ingredients to create Mel & Mo’s Love Potion 214™(love in a bottle).


Did you say Kosher & organic?

Now you’ve really got our attention!

We know the formula for your potion is top secret, but can you tell us more about your ingredients?

Our ingredients, such as pure cocoa, sensual notes of alluring rose and exotic vanilla take you to a breathtaking destination called Love Potion 214. We are head over heels for Mel & Mo’s Love Potion 214™ & we know you will be too!
We can’t wait to taste! Speaking of taste what’s the best way for us to savor #LP214?

There are so many options! Ice cold out the fridge, like chocolate milk. Served hot with marshmallows or whipped cream, like cocoa. Steamed to perfection in your coffee, like a cappuccino, or shaken over ice with your libation of choice.

A Love Potion 214 libation…how intoxicating! Do you have a preferred liquor?

This season, our featured libation is a smooth blend of Mel & Mo’s Love Potion 214™ & Van Gogh’s Dark Chocolate Vodka, we like to call it Masterpiece.
How creative! A true work of art, like all of your brand content.

What inspires you to focus your business on building a brand with great content instead of simply pushing a product?

When we began documenting our journey as entrepreneurs, it sparked an organic talent & passion within us to create great content. We like to refer to ourselves as “Digital Journalists,” to stand apart from the growing stigma against “bloggers” (no offense).
(None taken!)Six short months after our first event, we realized that the content we were creating needed a platform of its own. We decided to create a social media network for entrepreneurs who want to join us in documenting their journeys & gain support from a community of likeminded individuals.

A social media network? How ambitious! Can you tell us what it’s called?

LP214.ME #SelfMade – Make your next move your best move. No take twos.
Make your next move your best move. No take twos?
It’s our mantra. It inspires our work ethic & lifestyle.

What is the goal of LP214.ME #SelfMade?


HERcultivation With Krystle Jones


HERcultivation With Krystle Jones

When did you first find your passion? (Tell us all about your movement)

I discovered my love for writing, my passion, while I was still in college. However, it wasn’t until a few years later that I realized it was more than just writing and keeping it in a journal. I realized that my words can help someone else. I’ve always had a love for helping others, so I used my gift to continue to do just that.

LovelyMissJones is now a blog that encourages, inspires, and motivates other; pushing them towards positive changes. I’ve learned that people are more apt to change in positive ways when they can relate. Therefore, I use relevant stories (my story, as well as others) to encourage others. Sharing experiences that people have gone through or are currently going through, gives them hope; and let’s them know that they can hang on and move a little further.

What motivates you to start your day?

Honestly, my motivation comes from my desire to see other people grow. When I realized, through God, what happens when we use what we’ve been given; it has motivated me to keep doing what I’m called to do. Lives can literally be changed when you step into your calling, and do exactly what you were meant to do.


Give us one tip, that can change your way of thinking.

One tip that I believe will change your way of thinking, is knowing that your gifts and talents are bigger than you. Yes, you receive this feeling of fulfillment and you grow tremendously when you love out your dream. However, knowing the effect that it will have on the lives of others will push you beyond you. Beyond your insecurities, and beyond your comfort zone. That’s really what’s it all about.

How did you find balance?

It’s not always easy to find a balance. It can be something that can be a repeated struggle. But when you are fully aware of what you possess, you learn to prioritize so that you can properly execute. Planning is key! Be sure to write things down in level of importance, and check off accordingly. I personally have a planner and several journals to help keep me in line. Without a proper plan, one can’t execute effectively.

Any pointers for the young entrepreneur startups?

I’d like to leave young entrepreneur startups with this: always stay true to yourself! Do not compare yourself to someone else. Do not compare your movement or your business to that of someone else’s. Your journey isn’t their journey. Go at your own pace. Be sure to learn as much as you can during your process, so that you can grow and be as effective as possible!

Years after discovering her love and passion for writing, Krystle began blogging. Without knowing much at all about this process, she knew she had to take that leap of faith and share with the world the very thing that has gotten her through. At a point in her life, writing was her biggest form of communication. During her challenging college experience, writing became apart of her normal routine. Krystle often took to writing when she became overwhelmed with life’s difficulties.

After starting the book that she plans to continue, she realized blogging was a better way to reach people immediately. Krystle realized she could take advantage of the platform that was right in front of her. Participating in the social media movement, why not use it as an outlet to create positive change in someone’s life. Helping others to strive for success and greatness has always been a passion of hers, but took her some time to figure out how she could be more effective in doing so. However, as time progressed, she found her niche and has been dedicated in fulfilling her goal ever since.

Krystle is currently a Health and Wellness Blogger for Everything Girls Love (Everythinggl.com), as well as a Host and Marketing Coordinator for Gifted and Uplifted (Urban Christian Talk Show). She has also been a contributing writer for many online publications; such as, Black City Girl (blackcitygirl.com), Ladies Who Hustle as a business success blogger (lwhnetwork.com), TNF Magazine (We Are Little Miss Creative), Kreate Your Diva (kreateyourdiva.com), Go Tell It Daily News Magazine, and Brown Girl Bloggers (browngirlbloggers.com).


HERcultivation With Suncera Johnson


HERcultivation With Suncera Johnson

When it comes to figuring out who will take your brand to the next level and experience profitable success, theres one person you can defitinely count on and her name is Suncera Johnson, digital architect , journalist, author, and a woman of God. We had the oppurtunity to catch up with Suncera and talk strategy and starting her own promotion agency. She’s the boss and the cultivator of her own new venture amass digital, where she has created a whole new digital marketing world.

Read her story and get motivated!

When did you first find your passion? (Tell us all about your movement)​

In each phase of my life, I stumbled upon my passion. In this phase, I actually hated what I do. I gave up a successful career as a television producer and began working with a company that owned several YouTube Channels. I was told that I would oversee Production and Development for a very well known artist and took a job as a social media manager as a placeholder until the channel launched. Someone else was given my job. I was miserable, underpaid and overworked. I called my friends in TV and they kept telling me that what I did was valuable and they wished they had the skills I was developing. I began to learn Google Adwords for Video while meeting with people who saw more value in what I was doing than I did. I had no idea that I would be able to live life on my terms – traveling whenever I want, living 13 steps away from the beach – while making a bonafide six figure salary using skills I developed while working on a job I hated. I’m on a mission now to help women passionately live their best lives no matter where they find themselves.
What’s important to you about living your passion?

Freedom. For many years, I worked full time and then went home to develop my passion projects, while simultaneously raising a family. Now, my business provides enough income that I can hire people (I use the same three freelancers frequently ) so I no longer need to work 80 hour weeks just to get the bills paid. In addition, I have more time to pursue other passion projects and can still run my business efficiently. I am not restricted by when and where I can vacation (I will have taken 3 international trips by the end of this year!) and I don’t get that feeling in the pit of my stomach because I have to ask permission to spend time with my family simply because I want to.


What motivates you to start your day?

Wealth building. And I don’t just mean money. I want to be rich in relationships, love, finances, spirituality and health. I am determined to find the joy in living and happiness in each day – no matter how bad it gets. I start working by 6 am every morning and reply to all of my client emails by 10 am. I want to be the first person in their email and want them to know they are my priority. That frees me up to read, learn and grow in every area of my life.

Give us one tip, that can change your way of thinking.

Do not see “No” as a bad thing. Look at every no as a door to your Next Opportunity.
Had my previous employer not said No to giving me the title and salary I deserved, I would never have opened my digital advertising agency.
People often say No because they don’t realize your worth. Don’t expect those who over inflate or under value themselves to know your worth.

Understand that your vision is your vision

Any pointers for the young entrepreneur startups?

1) If you are relying heavily on your family and friends to “support” you by purchasing your goods or services, you are doing something wrong and you’d be better off asking them to write you a check to pay your bills.

2) Accept the help that people are willing to offer, not what you expect them to give. You will be disappointed far less.

3) Don’t overvalue yourself and refuse to allow others to undervalue. you When I first started my company, amass digital, I kept pricing my campaigns to make just enough money to pay my bills. I was always struggling and clients would always try to negotiate lower prices. Three years later, my pricing structure has changed significantly which has impacted my income tremendously. My prices are what they are and I am not afraid to say no to prospective clients that cannot afford my rates. In fact, I don’t advertise my business. Clients find me.

4) Don’t operate from fear or desperation. Clients call smell uncertainty and many will take advantage of you simply because they can. Trust God. I promise you, he answers prayers.

5) Be careful who you share your dreams, visions and business plans with. There are far more people calling themselves experts than there are those who have earned the title. Some of those listening to you are making plans based on what you share with them. Trust few, not all.

6) Understand that your vision is your vision. You alone are responsible for making it happen. No one is obligated to help you. Spend less time lamenting about what you need and more time doing what you have to do to get it.

7) Before asking someone to mentor you, ask yourself “What thing of value can I provide to this person of value?” You may be able to volunteer as an intern or help some other way. Whatever it is, don’t always approach people with the “gimme” sense of entitlement. No one owes you anything.

8) Don’t be afraid to fail. amass digital is my 5th business venture and everything that I have learnedfrom the others is what makes this company successful.

9) Invest in yourself. I still make it a practice to purchase new software, take a class, buy a book or do something to add to my knowledge base each time I get paid. Never stop learning; keep yourself relevant. (My latest self investment? Learning 3 new languages!)

10) More often than not, you already have what you need. We live in a world full of free resources. Make good use of them. You don’t have to rent office space right away. Cut costs without affecting quality.