On Sunday November 13, 2016 Women Cultivators co-sponsored an amazing event with the Founder of #DopeChicsIKnow, Suncera Johnson. Suncera Johnson is a tech maven and digital connoisseur, who created #DopeChicsIKnow to celebrate all the dope chics she knows. It was an honor to be part of this successful event honoring women from all aspects of life. A group of generation x women were all in attendance to celebrate each other, network, and share their stories.


We will be highlighting these women in the upcoming months and share with you their trials, tribulations and triumphs. Founder Suncera Johnson says, “It is my hope that each woman will share her story, celebrate one another and emerge from the events stronger, confident and aware that she is worthy of celebration and inspired to “fly with her own wings” in a spirit of love”!.

Visit DopeChicIKnow online.