Many of our ladies inquired information about fashion world. So we reached out to celebrity stylist Texanna Watts to speak with the ladies about the fashion industry and the Diane von Furstenberg: book publishers to sponsor the Fashion Focus Walk.

Saturday was a beautiful and eventful day as a few fashionistas joined celebrity stylist Tex for the first #FashionFocus walk sponsored by MINT and created by the Women Cultivators organization.

The walk was created to inspire fashionistas in their voyage to discover their own individual sense of style, while learning the basics of fashion, styling, fabrics, communications and networking within the fashion industry. The walk started at the highline on 23rd street, as Tex introduced herself and the celebrities she dressed and consulted such as the Fugees, Sean ‘Diddy” Combs, Wyclef, etc. She shared her hands on freelance experiences and how she built her celebrity contacts. The ladies were intrigued by Tex stories throughout the years that led her to being the wardrobe supervisor at BET and now the Style Honcho for NFL former champ Carl Banks starter line.
Tex took the ladies to a couple of stores in the meat packing industry, teaching them the basics of pulling and networking with the sales and managers. She described what each job entailed, whether it was a music video shoot, editorial shoot, event, fashion show. She passionately told the attendees no job is to small. Take each job serious and give it your best, whether theres a budget or not.

Jillian an aspiring publicist described how she felt during the walk, she stated ‘ I was so inspired by her triumphs, and motivation to keep going and never giving up. and most of all I loved the one on one session’ it was an honor to be in her presence and I learned so much in 2hours.’

The Fashion Focus walk ended visiting the DVF store as they were the product sponsors for the event. and a toast at Dos Caminos for brunch. We had the opportunity to introduce the ladies to a celebrity stylist who shared valuable knowledge and now they can value a designers challenge and triumph.