Volez, Voguez, Voyagez, A NYC Traveling Adventure With The Louis Vuitton Exhibit

Sunday was the perfect day to spend catching up with the friend you rarely see or speak, because you both are busy living life. The Louis Vuitton Volez, Voguez, Voyagez Exhibit is in town for a couple of weeks and what better place than the American Stock Exchange Building to hold such a luxurious event.  The exhibit is running  from October 27, 2017, through January 7, 2018 and it’s curated by Olivier Saillard, one of fashion’s most respected historians, the exhibition retraces the adventure of the House of Louis Vuitton from 1854 to the present.  

What an experience! the line was massive long, but since we reserved a private tour, the host guided us straight through. They are 3 floors of history one that will leave you in amaze.  I personally would of never thought that Louis Vuitton was known for their durable trunks.  Back in history the trunks were a staple for the rich, if a trunk had numerous stickers, the owner was very rich.  There is so much history behind the brand, from Louis Vuitton himself to the celebrity clients and custom pieces requested by the elite. I could go ahead and run through the history but I will steal you from a beautiful experience.

I encourage each and everyone of my SHEpreneurs to go and experience the exhibit in NYC, it’s a must see, you will not be disappointed at all!. and towards the end of the tour you leave with the LV pin. Now thats a nice gift..

Check out the pictures below, from 100 I’ll just post a few, again wouldn’t take away from a beautiful experience.  










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