The Wisdom, The Experience, It’s No Secret It Gives Us Power!

Building a movement after 45+ years is merely impossible if you ask someone who isn’t motivated or still figuring it out.  I was that person a few months ago, the figuring it out part.  I created a movement for the GenX women, but after 2 years shifted gears and went back to mentoring the young entrepreneur who seeked wisdom from an experience OG as they call us.  Again finding myself finding myself.  Not a good place to be at age 48. I noticed the market is full of Millennials the one’s wikepedia describe as  the demographic cohort following Generation X. But are they really following us or acting like they know it all?,  that’s what I have personally encountered, and went with my gut, stood still and prayed, asking God for guidance and direction.  

Goapele’s milk and honey had me feeling all kinds of ways.  I listened religiously to that song day in and day out, during press releases and even in between pitches.  Goapele was my girl in my head, the maturity of her music, the sultry vibes and grown woman music had me feeling all powerful and glad to be in my early 40’s.  And during the figuring it out stage I had to realize that re-starting had to take a pause and instead I have to master the relax to reboot technique. You see I’m a libra and we’re very indecisive, so a few shifts here and there will happen, but we are loyal and loving humans to our beliefs.  I thought about that women in her late 40’s and what she would read to unwind after a long day at work even the late preneur, who decided to ditch her 9to5 life to pursue her passion and now finds herself with anxiety and stuck in her decisions, wondering if it was the right one.  As I’m not here to give you all the tools of do’s and don’t,  I will share with you valuable resources and hope when you come to this blog, you will find comfort in unwinding as I will share shepreneur stories, exotic places to travel on a budget and beauty regimens, while still sharing a plethora of exciting things for women over 40+.  


Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 4.36.08 PM

When I decided on the direction of the blog it was Goapele who I turned to for inspiration, her growth is infectious as I remembered growing up in the entertainment industry listening to her.  I went through her instagram  and saw her glow and felt comfort in my decision.  As I’m listening to Power off of her new album Dreamseeker I’m free and living in my soul, and thats the power of music.  

As Goapele is promoting her new music with a tour she says,

“I felt like it was time to reconnect with my original self,” she affirms. “I didn’t want to overthink anything. It’s about being boundless and getting back to that soul, R&B, funk, and even some hip-hop. I took pieces of me and let them be more raw. As an independent artist these days, there are no rules. That’s comforting, because it’s how I started.”

“I was thinking of where I’m at now,” she goes on. “There’s still so much more that I want to do and dreams I want to fulfill. I’m reaching for those with each project. I run into people all the time who share their goals with me. I wanted to represent them.”

Take a listen to Goapele DreamSeeker, as you won’t be disappointed and as for myself I’m excited for the new venture in its full circle. 

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