Dress Disruptive & Edgy On The SHEpreneurial Journey

We mean that in the most stylish way! People tend to lose their identities in the process of transition, they are so accustomed to following the corporate protocol, that they forget to live and be free, be who they really are.  What happened to the fun, disruptive, insane and energetic spontaneous chic? where is she?, we want to bring her back out in the most boldest way before the corporate handbook took over her soul.  Step away from the norm, the comfort zone and live.  Many are alive but not living, forget that judge mental and bitter person, she doesn’t exist in your mind, stop giving all your energy to things that don’t matter.  Keep in mind your’e brand is your personal profile, so show them what you got and take it from us being edgy is not bad at all!

We spotted a few fashionistas in their fashionably garb roaming the streets looking all fab and chic.  Be You, Be Bold, Be In Control! 












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