Hot For The GrittyDluxe Custom Flight Jacket

Who doesn’t love exclusivity? it’s a creative thing to be ahead of the curve, and the fusion between fashion and photography will disclose all the fashionistas gravitating for the latest fashion trends.  Blame it on instagram and how they have changed the face of fashion creativity.  Eva Chen, former journalist, is now head of fashion partnerships for Instagram the digital influential platform and she’s all about building its brand identity.  In an interview with  French Vogue she says: 

Eva Chen: “Instagram allows brands to get the message across to 500 million users directly. Whether you’re a brand or an individual, it’s about finding your own voice. It’s interesting to see the differences between the personal accounts of designers like Alessandro Michele and Marc Jacobs and their corporate accounts for Gucci and the Marc Jacobs label, and how they dovetail.”

As we all know millennial’s are at the forefront of everything tech and instant gratification.  We always find inspiration in following new accounts especially those that bring heat to our timeline.  We are obsessed with photographers and their hashtags, one that will have us always lurking is #leica, by observation their the giants of introducing new and innovative ways to use filters.  So when we come across new hashtags such as #peoplescreatives, #vzcomood #bleachmyfilm, we lurk further.  


Marcela is a New York  base photographer who goes by the name of marrific on instagram.  Marcela Nowak, who currently resides in New York City is a photographer, industrial designer and creative technologist who recently graduated with a master’s degree from NYU.

Influenced by city life, people and street activity,  Marcela enjoys creating stories with a cinematic approach. She is inspired by strength, unique beauty and untypical approach, and we see it all on her feed.  

Bronx, NY based musician Niamson  reached out to Marcela to work on his new music project . Niamson is very articulate with his body of work, so it’s only right that he links up with creatives such as himself.  Collectively they discuss the direction of the photoshoot and lets just say magic was created. Marcela incorporated some of her creative technology through the colors and frames.  One of the photos that captivated our eye was the one with model Brittany Maldonado lightening up the queen of hearts card. As she’s staring into the flames, we see the tones, colors and light.  We also get trapped into checking out the models jacket which is a custom made flight jacket from the creative house grittydluxe.   

Influencers are essentially over -sharers and crafty , so therefore we see the value of instagram self promotion and sharing ideas to million of followers.  So as we keep seeing the social media aesthetic and it’s power, we will keep a watch for the next big thing.  Hey we just introduced you to three creatives Marcela, Niamson, and the house of Gritty Dluxe. 

Visit Marcela online here 
Visit Niamson online here

Visit Brittany Maldonado here

Visit Gritty Dluxe online here 



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