DAFINA Releases Video To Her First Single “Told Ya”

If nobody has told ya, we about to let you know all about DAFINA and her new track ‘Told Ya” it’s straight electrifying! Although she’s a household her name in her homeland of Sweden, she’s about to take it straight to the top in the States.  Okay okay you caught us, we definitely referencing her lyrics on this blog post, but best believe it’s infectious.  

Dafina just wrote the anthem for our SHEpreneurs with “My Energy Is Too Strong” and “I’m gonna take it straight to the top with it (they don’t wanna see us just win)”. 

Up until now, Dafina has only released music in her native Albanian tongue but with KING, she proves that music is something she was born to do no matter the region or language.

KING is a six-track EP laced with slinky R&B melodies and electronic rhythms all anchored by Dafina’s deep and buttery voice. The album is an empowering one with messages of feminism, self-worth and themes from Dafina’s personal stories of growing up in a single-parent home where she took it upon herself to be the head of the family.

1. Greed
2. King
3. Told Ya
4. Suspect
5. Hero
6. Four Seasons


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