Lisa Nichols “Abundance Now” – A HERcultivation Book Review


Lisa Nichols “Abundance Now” – A HERcultivation Book Review

So there’s a tribe of women I call #WCGenxTribe, they are the cultivators of today’s entrepreneurial world. When I decided to build a women’s platform for women over 40, I knew I wanted to educate, motivate and collaborate with each of the #shepreneurs. Within 2 years Women Cultivators became the cultural cultivated platform where women of all industries share their talents through stories. As the women came together, they shared business tools with one another, that led me to create

#CultivatedCoffeeConversations the book club. Every month we read a new book and discuss over coffee and croissants at the local cafe, why the book is a must read. The input creates conversations of what we have learned. Our March read ‘Abundance Now’ by Lisa Nichols, was an eye opener, a revelation to many and a source of inspiration and motivation, to not allow our current circumstances stop us or define us from reaching our goals.


So let me tell you, what I grasp from such an enlighten read. It touched my soul! Lisa Nicohls shares strategical keys that teaches us how to own our truths. Focus on what your building by making sure our energies are not lowered by what we are experiencing or feeling. Take a moment to breathe and meditate throughout the process of reaching our greatness. Yes, I took a very informative book full of knowledge and instructions and gave you probably a couple of words to go by. But what you need to know, if you’re a 9 to 5iver, whose ready to leave your job, with no financial security, Lisa lets you know DON’T DO IT! How are you planning to finance your dream? Think about it before you take that leap. You must finance your dream, because nobody will do it for you!


Build Your Strength.. so that you have an expert skill set in your chosen areas rather than having a cursory knowledge of multiple, disjointed fields.

I’m not one to give you a long winded review, but a short and skillful sentence, letting you know, it’s a must read, and please share as I have done with a few of my colleagues. Pass on the blessings as it’s passed unto you!…

Connect, Collaborate, Cultivate…

Purchase Lisa Nichols ‘Abundance Now’ here


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