Feminist In The Streets: “Narrative Of A Dope Black Queen Misunderstood”!


Feminist In The Streets: “Narrative Of A Dope Black Queen Misunderstood”!

On Sunday’s its strictly reserved for my 14yr old son and thats the way it’s been since he requested mom and son time from my vigorious #mompreneur life. So when I’m requested for an emergency meeting or function, I either decline or make arrangements to include my son, with his permission though, because it is his day! However on this particular Sunday, I was asked to be a panelist for the first ever Narrative of a Dope Black Queen Misunderstood!, and since my son was in California on vacation, the opportunity to participate was a no brainer.

It all went down on instagram, I was introduced to the founder Aissatou Diallo, by my mentee, Monique Meertens, who has graduated to be such a successful entrepreneur and I’m so proud of her!. After our stint communication via instagram, we took it straight to email correspondence, and once the conversation was in motion, I knew I wanted to be a part of a much needed production. Aissatou’s production of Narrative of a Dope Black Queen Misunderstood! brought together strong young black girls and women in one room to express love, gratitude, resilience and strength through the arts. Sitting in a room full of untapped talent, just proved how much, productions such as Aissatou’s is needed. We need to explore and expose our queens, letting them know we see and hear you! This platform is for your voice!


I was impressed by the young queens, The Brooklyn Dymondz steppers and the soulful spoken word artist, who took the stage by storm. All the artist “showed out” and that’s what it’s all about! I had the opportunity to share some gems for the next entrepreneurs + influencers and really felt their energy and interest after. For it to be Aissatou’s first event, it was a success and I look forward to being part of many more. Please take this time to check out the pictures below and follow the movement on their social network. @lereinenoire on insta.


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