FashionFocus: The Concept Closet Of Cinamon & Honey


FashionFocus: The Concept Closet Of Cinamon & Honey

When the creator of Cinamon & Honey spoke to us she made it clear, it was not a new clothing brand, don’t you dare call it street wear. She was humble but bold in her short faux fur, gritty glamour cap and timberland heel boots. She’s sassy and spoke in a bold tone as she was busy coordinating her closet. It was 1pm and she was ready to have more coffee so we stepped out to a small cafe in Noho and spoke about her new concept closet, she’s bringing to life.

“I’ve been creating since my tenor years at FIT, my favorite designer is Gucci and I’m into the big bamboo earrings, you couldn’t tell me nothing, I just new I was dope! ha.” Since 2011 Cinamon & Honey has been a vision, so in December 2016 Cynamin who spells her name different decided to stop procrastinating. She started creating and producing bold colourful fashion tee shirts that defines the street edgy urban couture culture. She defined her creativity as Gritty Glamour, it has an innate sense of the expressive and creative strength of it’s strong consumers and, has succeeded in inspiring the street fashions with unique “subliminal” designs. Cynamin says, “It’s funny because when I’m in Starbucks or walking through Soho, my gritty glamour caps catch the attention of older white women, they stare at the words, then look at me and smile. Believe it or not that makes me happy. I even have customers in my dm telling me that they love the gritty glamour because it defines who they are. My focus is my creative vision. So if the fashionista loves it, I’m doing my job.

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The tees are not the only thing Cynamin is creating for the concept closet, she goes vintage shopping every Saturday to find faux furs and accessories to sell online aside form the custom made flight jackets. She say’s the goal is to one day expand the concept closet idea offline to pop up shops throughout the city. I also have another idea, but I’ll keep that a secret, once you say it aloud, it’s not your idea anymore.

The collection of tee-shirts and caps is made for the street, sassy chic who style defines urban, bold and sexy. Her fearless statements have been the attention-getting staple of her everyday persona.

Cinamon & Honey is a creative concept closet with a touch of gritty couture.
For more info on Cinamon & Honey visit the online shop: [Here]
Make sure to follow Cinamon & Honey on instagram [Here]

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